Virgil Borcan, La poéticité du poème en prose

We propose to solve—even hypothetically—an issue that is still insufficiently clarified, that of the “textual nature” of the French poem in prose, from a historical perspective (diachronic), covering about a century and a half of literary history, and from a theoretical (synchronous) one. The masters of this type of text—Rimbaud, Lautréamont, Mallarmé—are analized and after that we discuss a historical-literal approach to the surrealist movement, respecting the limits imposed by the specific function of the poem in prose: concision, coherence, autonomy, gratuity. Thus, the “discursive typology” of this hybrid is identified. We may add that we are talking about a totalizing and integrating genre with its occurrence, evolution and meteoric extinction (an enigma that requires to be solved in the future).

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