Claudia Tãrnãuceanu, Swedenborg on the Exploitation of Salt in Central and Eastern Europe in the 18th Century

The present paper is an analysis of the data concerning the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, where salt is extracted from the mountains (Poland, Hungary, Transylvania), offered by the theologian scholar Emanuel Swedenborg in some passages of his scientific work, written in Latin, De sale communi. A considerable number of these passages, which are of great interest for the history of technology and sciences, relate to issues that have been forgotten but which need to be revalued from the point of view of current developments in those fields. The aim of the study is to reveal the scientific principles that guided an 18th century scholar when dealing with such a topic. We are also interested in finding out the extent to which Swedenborg succeeds in systematizing the various theoretical and practical information, useful for understanding the nature of salt exploitation at that time, considering older works and the latest bibliography at his disposal.

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