Alexandru Pãcurar, Ioan A. Vãtãşescu, General Secretary of King Ferdinand I University of Cluj: Bio-Bibliographic Clarifications

Ioan A. Vãtãşescu (1897–1980) brilliantly completes a series of general secretaries of the University in Cluj, taking office after Dr. Ştefan Jarda (1919–1927) and Dr. Constantin Jurcan (1927– 1937) and carrying out a most worthy and deserving activity for over a decade (between 1 April 1937 and 30 May 1947). Having lost both his parents in early childhood, Ioan A. Vãtãşescu proved to have a great thirst for knowledge, taking his baccalaureate in France and obtaining a university degree in letters in the same country. He subsequently defended his doctoral thesis in 1934 at Sorbonne University in Paris. As early as 1922 he joined the Romanian public service, succeeding by merit to take up the position of general secretary of King Ferdinand I University of Cluj. In the difficult moments of the university’s refuge to Sibiu and Timiºoara (September 1940) and of its return to Cluj (summer–autumn 1945), he took over the heavy responsibility of organizing these large-scale actions. In the context of the military occupation of the country by the Red Army and after Romanian society fell under communist rule, Ioan A. Vãtãşescu was abusively removed from the university’s structures.

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