Gabriel Moisa, Il pensiero storico «preconfezionato»

Ready-Made Historical Thinking

We often find in the historiographic field approaches of historical events and phenomena realized in easy terms and in tune with a dominant historical or philosophical current at a given time. this is also because convenience, impotence or refusal is preferred in some cases to make your own investigation and the desire to be on the trend as you are more easily visible, promoted, marketable and with access to resources of any kind. this is what is generally called analysis in terms of political correctness or ready-made historical thinking. this means, in the case of historians, the investigation of the past through the prism and the criteria of the present doubled by a possible manipulation of it. the present study points out that this kind of approach is, in most cases, a wrong approach because history must be read, analyzed and understood in the way that people who lived it perceived it. Otherwise the conclusions may not be valid, partially or even at all. an age cannot be understood without knowing the mentality of the people of the time and their system of references. after all, when writing history you should not avoid the truth because this will turn against your own arguments.

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