Ioan Bolovan, Adina Cornea, History at the Crossroads? A Plea for Reconsidering the Status of a Science and a Study Discipline

In the following pages, we want neither to advance unprecedented ideas, nor to overthrow values and hierarchies rooted in historiography and society, but to propose new examples and ways of approaching this topic of actuality and necessity of history as a science and as a study subject. Is history still useful nowadays? And, on a larger scale, are social sciences and the humanities still useful? Even though some say that social sciences and the humanities do not produce something measurable and useful to the progress of human society, their purpose today is, without any doubt, thankless. And this is because they have to find other instruments and ways to legitimize their existence and especially their resource “consumption” from the public budget. Historians, sociologists, philosophers, theologians, men of letters, psychologists, economists, etc., now have the chance to prove their public usefulness (beyond the limited impact of those in the ivory tower), by contributing through their research to the proper understanding of the contemporary world, and especially to laying the proper groundwork for political and administrative decisions that could build a better world. For two thousand years, historians have struggled to offer meaning to the world and to transform it in order to provide contemporaries with more balance, with a more complex understanding of everything that surrounded them, both materially and spiritually

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