Liliana Rotaru, L’istruzione universitaria come oggetto e strumento delle politiche sovietiche nella Repubblica Moldova: Fonti e metodo di ricerca

Sources and Methods of Soviet Policy Research in the Higher Education from SSRM

The investigation of the particularities of manifestation of the Soviet communist regime in the SSrM focused, in particular, on the abuses and exaggerations manifested by this regime. We find that besides the concerns of the academic environment there are many other aspects, not less excessive as their purpose, but promoted through soft power resources. One of these directions not validated by researchers remains the national and social policy of the Soviet state in and through the higher education in the SSrM. The main objective of this study is to describe the sources, unpublished and not yet validated, from the national and institutional archives of the republic of Moldova and their classification. In order not to allow the written document to impose itself, the author indicates on the importance of the sources of oral history, as well as on their specificity for investigating the announced problem. Also, the study describes and addresses the specific methodology of research of the written and oral sources for studying the problem of the national and social policy of the communist regime in and through higher education in the SSrM

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