Ion Gumenâi, Verità, realtà e soggettivismo nelle fonti storiche: Il rapporto di Arutiun Tumanian sugli armeni di Bessarabia nel 1918-1919

Truth, Reality and Subjectivism in the Historical Source: Arutiun Tumanian’s Report on Armenians in Bessarabia in 1918–1919

The paper refers to three essential parameters for a historian and the historical source: the truth, the reality and the subjective vision, which was strained by the author voluntarily or unintentionally at the time of its elaboration. We will not refer to the subject as a whole, but we will analyze a particular document, a report of arutiun tumanian, a member of the National Committee of armenians from Bessarabia. in our intervention we will focus on two aspects, firstly on the demographic data about armenians in the space between the Prut and Dniester rivers, and secondly on their position in the society of Bessarabia. in this study we will analyze the data provided by arutiun tumanian, and we’ll also investigate the subjective purposes that have determined the author to express the information in a certain way

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