Federico Donatiello, La Virginia di Alfieri tradotta da Aristia: Proposte metodologiche per l’analisi esteticolinguistica di una traduzione letteraria

Alfieri’s Virginia Translated by Aristia: Methodological Proposals for the AestheticLinguistic Analysis of a Literary Translation

Our work aims to propose a new approach to the study of romanian Übersetzungkultur, an important phenomenon which, in the first half of 19th century, gave a great contribution to the occidentalization of romanian language and literature. in our work we will specifically focus on the translation of Vittorio alfieri’s tragedy Virginia by the Greek-romanian Constantin aristia in 1836. First we will dwell on the linguistic characteristics of this literary text, trying to find the delicate balance between the elements of continuity with ancient romanian language and neologisms borrowed from italian, French and Latin. Later on we intend to find a relationship between the neoclassical and illuminist culture of romanian pre-romanticism and the linguistic and lexical choices adopted by aristia. doing so we intend to develop a methodology to be extended to a wider corpus of texts in order to investigate thoroughly the process of making a romanian language for tragedy and, in such a context, the role of the aulic italian mode

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