Cosmin Patca, La microtoponomastica dei villaggi della Valle del Bistra: Evoluzione statistica

The Microtoponymy of the Villages on the Bistra Valle: Statistical Evolution

The villages on the Bistra Valley are positioned in the north-western part of Romania, in the northern half of Bihor county. a special characteristic of this space is its ethnic and confessional mosaic. the analysis of the topical names from a territory is an essential activity while carrying out any monographic study. the statistical evolution of the topical names represents a primary quantitative analysis, which precedes the qualitative, in-depth analysis of the local microtoponymy. Long-term analysis of the microtoponymy in the Bistra Valley area, from the first documentary attestations in the middle ages (13th century), to the main historical-topographic sources of the modern age and to the current field research, clearly shows the continuous increase of the number of toponymical names, consistent with population growth. the modern age marks the entry of new people into the area of Bistra, even in the most remote parts. the distribution of microtoponyms by localities and the language in which they were written can offer interesting conclusions regarding the dynamics of the territory in a certain period of time, information of historical, social, economic and cultural character. the conclusions that result from the toponymy analysis should be used with caution and must always be compared to the results of the anthropomorphic analysis and especially of the written document

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