Sorin Șipoş, Viaggiatori stranieri nello spazio romeno: Dalle capitali degli imperi alle corti dei Principati (1710-1810)

Foreign Travelers in the Romanian Space: From the Capitals of the Empires to the Courts of the Rulers of Romanian Principalities (1710–1810)

The foreign travelers crossing the romanian Principalities come in their vast majority from Central and northern Europe. their presence in the romanian space is due to the political, military and economic tasks received from the states that sent them. after crossing the political borders, the representatives of the great powers enter the country and, as a rule, follow the road to the capitals of the romanian Principalities: Bucharest, Iasi, sibiu, and thereby they come into contact with realities that define these provinces. Pilgrims notice the strong oriental influences from the court of the princes, noted in ceremonial, attire and protocol. But pilgrims also notice Western influences in the courts of romanian rulers, it is true, still timid ones. In transylvania, at the governor’s court, the inspirations of the Western world were overwhelming and evident. Foreign travelers noticed theirattire, houses, mentalities and the political system of the romanian Principalities.

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