The conference intends to emphasize the effects of military conflicts on two levels: the level of the battlefront itself (mobilizations, injuries and casualties, causes of death, internment camps, population movements and displaced groups, the massacres on occupied territories), and the level of the “home front”, i.e. the natural movement of the population (birth rates, death rates), matrimonial behavior (marriage and the morality of the couple, illegitimacy), changes affecting the balance of power in the family (most of the women were forced to earn a living by themselves, finding jobs and entering the labor market, mostly as maids or as factory workers, but also seeking employment in education and the health system), etc.

 The conference planned for 2018 in Cluj is meant to be a continuation of the “War hecatomb” conference organized in Lisbon in June 2017. This is the reason for which we preserved its main topics and panels such us:

  • Armed conflicts and the modern thought
  • Demographic effects and self-regulatory mechanisms;
  • Wars and social policies;
  • Families and communities’ roles facing crisis;
  • Health and public or private reactions;

Due to the fact that conference is organized in a centennial year we encourage the applicants to think about the reconfigured map of the world after the First World War as well to address the territorial and demographic aspects of political reconfiguration that followed 1918.

 We also encourage participants to propose new panels on the main conference topics according to their research interests related to the conflicts in 19th and 20th centuries.

PROPOSALS FOR PANELS: Deadline 31st of January 2018

PROPOSALS FOR PANELS: Deadline 31st of January 2018

Registration Fee

 Includes conference materials, coffee-breaks, 2 lunches, welcoming cocktail and one day trip in Transylvania.


20 € – students;

40 € – other researchers, public in general.

Registration tool

Registration pay tool will be available after paper submission deadline.

For further details and registration, go to the website:

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